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Livia Firth, Eco Age and the Green Carpet Challenge

Livia Firth, also known as the wife of Colin Firth.
But besides of being the woman of…she is an advocate of sustainable fashion. Firth had decided to bring “Green” to the Red Carpet which is very unusual. She uses her status to give eco couture designers a stage in the spotlights.. These designers do care for the environment and care for the people that produce the materials like for example organic cotton or organic silk..The name of this beautiful moment is the Green Carpet Challenge earlier this year on the Red Carpet. During this challenge that celebrities had to look at their prettiest with their Eco Couture Dresses. Helen Hunt went for a silk eco dress of H&M.


But the winner of this challenge was Naomi Harris with her gorgeous gown of Michael Badger, partially made of GOTS certified organic silk crepe de chine in collaboration with Greenpeace. Harris tweeted that the recycled piece “took 120 hours to make, dyed with camomile and golden rod, hand embroidered with vintage beads and chocolate wrappers!”.

Firth bears also occasionally couture dresses made of recycled materials or dresses which are made from discarded textile from major fashion houses.
Besides organizing the Green Carpet Challenge she has her own Eco Retail Store in West London with a team of experts. In this boutique called: Eco Age she gives advice together with her team and also sell couture dresses of environmentally friendly Eco Fashion Designers. She also works together with a company that developes new ecological fabrics in Italy, called C.L.A.S.S. Firth is very curious about new developments in eco fabrics and how this can be integrated in the Green Carpet Challenge with eco fashion designers.


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