6 Cute Dresses You Can Rent for All Those Summer Weddings You’re Attending, Because Who Has Room in Her Closet for MORE Dresses?

I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of hate buying a new dress to wear to a wedding. Since I know I’ll see 2,381 photos of myself in the dress on Facebook {Damn you, over-enthusiastic taggers!} the next time a wedding rolls around, I’ll feel totally “meh” about re-wearing it. I realize I could take off my lazy pants and buy an ultra-simple dress and change it up with accessories, but frankly, I’d rather just rent something new every time. (Bonus: You avoid that, “Crap! I spilled red wine on this?” moment when you pull the previously worn dress from the back of your closet.) With that in mind, here are six rent-able dresses I’m loving for summer weddings:

Dress 1

ALLISON PARRIS Maize Julia Dress, $65 rental.

Dress 2

SHOSHANNA Never Enough Ruffle Dress, $65 rental.

Dress 3

TIBI Waist Cincher Dress, $75 rental.

Dress 4

SACHIN + BABI Teal Glow Sheath, $75 rental.

Dress 5

ERIN BY ERIN FETHERSTON Fly a Kite Dress, $65 rental.

Dress 6

SHOSHANNA Candy Apple Dress, $75 rental.

Yes, I know some of these dresses are on the spendy side for a single-use dress, but Rent the Runway is ALWAYS handing out coupon codes if you “Like” them on Facebook. Right now you can get free shipping and a free accessory on a July 4 rental with code JULY42013.

I also know that some of these dresses look a little on the short side, but keep in mind that the models are mostly around the 5’10” mark (their heights are shown in the dress listings) so the length would be a little more wedding-friendly on an average-height girl!

Would you rent a dress to wear to a wedding? Which one of these dresses is your favorite?

I’m ALL over No. 3. (And yes, you CAN wear black to a wedding!)

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