The Taylor Swift Slut-Shaming Continues

The Taylor Swift Slut-Shaming Continues

That ever-growing army of Taylor Swift fans has already defeated Abercrombie & Fitch and their slut-shaming T-shirt, but the Westboro Baptist Church won’t let it go. In a press release and interview with Radar Online — the Internet’s paper of record —  WBC leader Ben Phelps called the pop-country princess “the whorish face of doomed America” who  is “… famous for is hopping around from one bed from another.” Wait. Haven’t we been over this? The 23-year-old has more songs about ex-boyfriends thanactual ex-boyfriends. Phelps also scolds the fornicatin’ Swift for failing to use her fame as a public platform to get others on the straight and celibate. “One simple tweet from her: ‘Stop fornicating ladies, and obey God’ would rock the house. But it would cost her millions she makes with sin-coddling songs. Taylor Swift uses the talent God gave her to warble about fornication.”

Swifties: Mobilize! Phelps and his crew of 15 anti-Swift comrades have plans to picket her August 3 concert. Many of you will probably already be there.

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