Saturday 13th of July was Franzel Amsterdam’s debut at Amsterdam Fashion Week.

For his autobiofantastic menswear collection “In Gold We Trust” Eric Franzel took inspiration from two Dutch golden ages: the 17th century and the 90es. Periods of cultural and economic prosperity, vouched for by the foundation of the Dutch East India Company (the first ever multinational corporation) and the establishment of the modern stock exchange. Everything was possible, art was highly valued and artists lived in wealth.

This resulted is a sharp collection that takes classic clothing and gives it a futuristic twist by using sportswear details: plastic buckles become closures for vests and trench coats, backpack straps are applied to hems or intertwined to create fabrics. Monochrome materials got a new texture thanks to interesting quilted effects on leather sleeves and trousers knee-patches; the strictly black, white and dark blue colour palette created graphical blockings that complement the minimalist yet bold details, like the gold zippers in view.

In Gold We Trust is aimed at modern, confident and edgy men with a sense of humour.

Words: Laura Viero
Photography: Monyart

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