3 Emerging Designers Who You’re Going to Be Obsessed With!


We at Glamour LOVE emerging designers. We love watching them find their way in the fashion industry, from witnessing their first fashion shows to finally seeing their wares on the racks at our favorite stores. Great for us (and you!) the ladies who founded Figure & Form feel the same way. Figure & Form is a new fashion site that sells highly curated designer and vintage clothing just launched with a handful of designers that you’ve probably never heard. So, when they become famous you’ll be able to say you knew all about them first!

Owner Alexandra Weiner and fashion director Janice Chou sat down with us recently to highlight some of their favorite new collections and introduce us to the next wave of designers to watch.

Priory of Ten

“Priory’s work in many ways embodies the Figure & Form aesthetic: well made, updated classics that will prove to be long-lasting staples in any wardrobe,” said Alexandra. “They are never fussy or over-designed but effortlessly chic. Everything—from the hemlines to the stitching to the hardware—feels incredibly deliberate and thoughtfully executed.” She said the clean lines, updated classics and minimalist palette from Priory of Ten make this a designer worth investing in.

One of the Priory of Ten’s signature looks.


Leah Ball

“Leah’s pieces possess a dual nature with both a delicate and rugged, raw quality,” said Janice. “Because the collection is hand-crafted by Leah in her Chicago studio, every piece is and feels very personal and one of a kind.”

You’re going to love this Bronze Mid-Ring from Leah, which sits just above the knuckle.


“It’s the perfect twist on and addition to stacking rings,” Janice said. “Worn alone, it appears delicate and simple but when added to a set of other rings, it’s an unexpected element. People are attracted to the mystique of the piece– it could be from a high-end boutique or small vintage store.”

Ryu Ryu

The clothing from designer Beckie Ryu is chic without being intimidating. “They’re wearable and flatter a variety of figures,” said Alexandra. “The Ryu Ryu collection always looks effortlessly polished but never over styled.” She said Beckie’s work is all about foundational pieces such as the white t-shirt or little black dress. “I can say with all honesty that I have worn Ryu Ryu’s tapered black slacks for the last three days in a row. I wore them to a showroom visit, the grocery store, and out to dinner.

Check out Alexandra in RyuRyu’s black trousers.



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