Stylist Brad Goreski’s Suggestions for Making the Guys in Your Life More Chic


Since you all follow Glamour on Instagram (right?), you already know that Ugg Australia hosted its fall preview last night. In between checking out the new boots and bags and listening to the cool live jazz band, I caught up with stylist Brad Goreski (who was there to check out products for clients) and got some advice on how ladies can help chic-ify the men in their lives.

Glamour: “What do you think guys can wear to stay chic and cool during this heat wave? I feel like a lot of our readers are like, ‘Oh, my husband or my boyfriend is so poorly dressed during this time.'”

Brad Goreski: “One of the things I’m loving this summer is prints. And I know it’s not for everyone, but there are so many different variations for guys. There’s stripes, there’s—I wore a floral on floral look earlier today, which is not for everyone, but I have to say it’s very crowd-pleasing. So I say, pick fabrics that you love, pick cottons, linens, lightweights, but what can be a spin on that? Is it wearing brighter colors? You know, you still want to be comfortable and look cute, so I would say try playing with prints, and I would also say try playing with color, and that can be a colorful T-shirt, a thin T-shirt with a great pair of denim cutoffs and a pair of slip-ons, and you’re done. Or sneakers. That’s kind of been my look all summer. Like, really finding the updated classics.”

Glamour: “What other trends are you into? What else are you putting your clients in for summer?”

BG: “All kinds of stuff. I’m really loving long and flowy as well, like things that aren’t necessarily showing off the body in an obvious way, so whether it’s a long, flowy dress with a sheer panel, or just looking at other ways of conveying sensuality with my clients. So, yeah, we’re really playing with shapes, we’re playing with silhouettes, you know, a lot of layering too, like long tunics, short jackets. We’re just trying to mix things up. I think the designers this season have given us so much to play with, so much variety, that it’s been really fun to style everyone.”


Glamour: “For a day like this when it’s just boiling outside, what’s a nice and simple outfit you’d suggest?”

BG: “When you want to stay cool, gravitate toward your favorites. You know, grab your favorite pieces that make you happy and that you know you’re going to be feeling good in. So whether that’s, again, for me today it was florals. I’m liking the boxier tops for guys, as opposed to something that’s clinging to my body, I think it’s all about comfort, and it’s all about wearing your favorite pieces when it’s hot. Know what your go-to pieces are, your like top five favorites of the season that you really just slip on and slip off. Mine are on rotation.”

Glamour: “Because it’s too hot to deal with anything else!”

BG: “I think it’s too hot to answer the phone! [laughs]”

Glamour: “You’re known for your signature style, and I know a lot of our readers are trying to find their signature style and home in on what their style can be. Do you have any tips for someone trying to do that?”

BG: “Trial and error. Absolutely. I’ve worn outfits as early as last week that were not huge hits, but you have to allow yourself to play, you know? And through that experimentation, you hit on things that are great that work and things that are so-so that need tweaking and things that are terrible. And I feel like I continue to run the gamut on that. You know, I just changed out of floral on floral into my favorite short-sleeve sweatshirt and jeans and I still feel good.”

Glamour: “A short-sleeve sweatshirt is one of my favorite things for this season.”

BG: “This is TopMan and I’m obsessed with it. I never thought I would wear it because it’s a very Kevin Bacon Footloose moment, but I support those ’80s moments!”


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