What Does "Dressing Older" Mean to You? Christina Ricci Does it to Be Taken More Seriously


At 33 years old, Christina Ricci isn’t old by anyone’s standard, but she still feels like it’s important to dress up to be taken more seriously. In a new interview with Net-a-Porter, she said that since she’s a former child star that still looks girlish, she wants to find ways to “accentuate her maturity.”

I’m not a former child star, but her comments about dressing up got me thinking. Are there things in our closets that we are wearing from back in the day, that maybe we should hang up for good? For example, that old pair of super-tight cut-off shorts that still fit and look good but maybe they are a little, um, much?

“I find people treat me more seriously if I’m well-dressed and put together,” she said. These days, she favors designers such as Thakoon, Tom Ford and Givenchy. I’d say all of those names are extremely sophisticated (and amazing) choices!

Are you feeling like Christina these days and also trying to dress a little more mature? What does that mean to you? I’ll admit that since summer hit, I’ve probably worn a few pairs of shorts that are way to short and I’m a little self conscious about it.


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