Jessica Alba Is Our Glamour Style Icon of the Week (It’s About Time, Right?)

She’s an MVP of our Best Dressed lists, she effortlessly reinvents a simple black blazer as something amazing, and she warms our hearts by shopping like us (sometimes). So, YES, it’s about time that Jessica Alba joined Rihanna and Olivia Palermo as our Glamour Style Icon of the Week. Let’s take a stroll down fashion memory lane to celebrate one of Hollywood’s hottest mamas, shall we?

Rewind to 1998, which was a seminal year in Jessica Alba’s fashion-filled acting career. She was racking up the TV roles, including a regular character on Flipper and a guest spot on the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Just look at that baby-faced smile, ’90s-era dark lips and flippy hair, and long leather jacket on the red carpet. Watch out, world, she’s just getting started.

The next year, it was on. Remember Jessica as one of the mean girls tormenting Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed? Although, Josie Grossie turned the tables, accidentally dumping slimy dog food all over her character at the school dance. Here’s Jessica is at the movie’s premiere, mugging for the camera in a lilac halter top outfit and a set of late-’90s-trendy hairpins.

The next year, she snagged her own television series—James Cameron’s Dark Angel—playing a genetically enhanced (not to mention, blessed) “super soldier.” The role earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 2001, and here she is on the A-list red carpet in a lovely but safe strapless black cocktail dress.

Now a pro at the red carpet game, Jessica took it up a notch at the Globes in 2002 in a riskier (and more fun, if you ask me), three-piece all-white suit by Dolce & Gabbana. While the look was a bit controversial at the time, it’s pretty fashion psychic considering that white blazers and bare midriffs are all the rage a decade and a year later. (Oh, and if you look closely at the top left in the pic, you’ll catch a glimpse of former Dark Angel costar, ex-fiance, and now NCIS hunk Michael Weatherly.)

By 2003, Jessica Alba was a full-fledged Hollywood star and headlining the dance-moves- and drama-filled movie Honey. While it might not have been an Academy Award level film (I admit, I saw it and, uh, enjoyed the dance scenes…), it did cement Jessica as one of the sexiest actresses in the industry. Seriously, how HOT is she in this peachy body-con Dolce & Gabbana dress? Sizzle.

Jump forward a few years with loads of high-profile movie roles (Sin City, Fantastic Four…) and a marriage to Cash Warren, she was also pregnant with her first daughter, Honor. Here she is glowing in a Marchesa gown at the 2008 Oscars.

Further reinforcing her hot-mom status in Hollywood, Jessica hit the Met Ball two years later in a shimmering custom Ralph Lauren creation. It’s almost unfair how amazing she looks—all.the.time.

Now a regular on the red carpet of prestigious events, she attended the Met Gala the next year in this bronze-y Greek-goddess gown by Michael Kors.

Looking flawless is just par the course for Jessica at this point, and she nailed it once again at the Oscars this year in a sorbet-hue Christian Dior gown and Veronica Lake curls.

But to really prove her style chops, Jessica kills it during her off-duty hours. Her everyday street style is top-notch too—like who looks like this put-together and well-accessorized on a random gift basket run?


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