Esteban Cortazar Does a Mean Impression of Supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

Remember Esteban Cortazar, the fashion wunderkind who was named creative director at Emanuel Ungaro at age 23? Well, the Colombian-born designer is back at the ripe old age of 29 to design his second namesake collection exclusively for Net-a-Porter. Inspired by the art of transitional dressing from day to evening, the collection is equal parts architectural and amorphous. Check out pictures below.

Esteban has always been an intriguing character to me, so on the occasion of the collection’s launch this month, I got to ask him, well, pretty much anything! The answers might surprise you (and Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, too!)


Esteban Cortazar

Say hi to Esteban! Fun fact: He has a bit of a comedian in him and loves to do impressions of some of fashion’s finest.

“Since I was very little, I always liked acting and imitating my friends, family and personalities,” he said. “When I fell in love with fashion, I started to imitate all of the super model walks from Naomi, Kate, Linda and all the way to Carmen and Gisele.”


Stretch-knit jersey and stretch-cady gown

Fun fact: He’s a picky eater!

“I love food, but I am not the easiest when it comes to choosing from a menu,” he said. “I’m particular about what I like, but two things I can always eat are oysters and stone crabs, so I am sophisticated picky eater.”


Stretch-cady and stingray dress

Fun fact: Esteban is beauty obsessed!

“I love to buy bath products and in particular I love scented oils,” he said. “I recently bought an amazing oil while on a trip to Marrakech which is perfect for summer. I also discovered the perfect spray for a hot summer day from a French brand called Caudalie.”


Draped satin-cady and duchesse-satin jacket

Fun fact: He not only loves designing a new collection but wouldn’t mind being the fashion show organizer as well!

“Maybe it’s because I started doing shows at such a young age, but I love the production aspects of putting together a show or a photo shoot,” he added. “I am very organized so that helps, but I have been around it for so long and learned from the best.”

There you have it! Now, you’re a little more familiar with Esteban so if you happen to run into him at a restaurant, you can share a plate of oysters and talk fashion!

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