Amazing Thing Alert: Here Is a Dress Made Out of a Book


Crafty, creative people always blow my mind—and crafty people who have the imagination, skill, and wherewithal to make elaborate fashion pieces out of nontraditional materials? I can never get enough of seeing their creations!

Check out Reddit user Jorimoo, who made a dress entirely from the pages of a book—a dictionary, from the looks of it. She wore the strapless, tiered outfit with a “Miss-Spelled” sash to a readers and writers festival this week.

The detail on the dress, by the way, is amazing. Here’s a close-up of the bodice:


And all the hand-pleating that went into its construction? Wow.


You know what this reminded me of? Last year, high school student Cassidy Lamb sent us four photos of three epic evening dresses she made—out of the pages of Glamour magazine! Check out the full story, right here—and, in case you missed it, here are the photos:



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