Butt Selfies: A ‘New’ Frontier for Sexy Texting

We’re learning so much about the art and philosophy of sexting this week, but how do you take the most erotic selfie possible? Cosmo,always at the forefront of such topics, alerts us to a “new” (their word) and popular variation: the butt selfie. More anonymous than a breast shot, more ladylike than a crotch shot, the trend has true staying power. Pioneers of this behavior include Heidi Klum, who recently posted a shot of her sunburned butt on Instagram, and an account called @Thickstagram_, dedicated to the art of the butt selfie. Confused about how to execute the perfect shot? The steps are simple, Cosmo says: Put on a thong, twist around in the mirror, take pic, send pic, regret.

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