Fashion Flashback Friday! Behold: David Silver, The Original Society Kid DJ of Beverly Hills

We’ve already taken a fashionable stroll down memory lane with hipster Kimmy Gibbler of Full House and my personal favorite 90s It Girl, Hilary Banks, from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now I think it’s time to give the boys a shout out, starting with a man before his time: David Silver (aka Brian Austin Green) of the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

Long before Michael Lee (sorry, The Wire reference—couldn’t help it) Dixon and Annie Wilson, there were Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their well-moussed West Beverly Hills High School clique of BFFs. The youngest of which was David Silver—the son of a society dentist, future step-brother of Kelly Taylor, soulmate of Donna Martin, and owner of, hands-down, the best baggy printed shirts in the posh zip code.

See what I mean? From the beginning of the show, he also had the best and always evolving coif of the series, too.

Yes, even compared to Steve Sanders’ halo of curls and Brandon Walsh’s glorious mullet. David always put extra thought into his school outfits, too—check out the mustard blazer and printed shirt combo. And, oh, poor, doomed Scott Scanlon. RIP.

Before Alexa Chung, Harley Viera-Newton and a slew of celebrity offspring DJs, there was David Silver, the original society kid turntable master. Throughout the series, his DJing and musical ambitions (remember his stage performance at the Beach Club?!) were his claim to fame. He even became a nightlife impresario, running the Peach Pit After Dark, later in the series.

David did also have the best outerwear. I actually kind of want to steal his leather-blocked bomber jacket right now.

Kind of an interesting athletic-lined cardigan look here, but I’m more focused on David’s perfectly-molded Vanilla Ice haircut. (Oh, and nice dad jeans, Brandon.)

Check out his monochrome layering in this look. Not bad, not bad. David also went full-on Vanilla Ice here, complete with subversive earrings in both ears and with hoops no less. Gotta love the 90s. Wonder how David would feel about the latest piercing trend?

Throughout all the drama—that drug addiction thing, snags in his career path, on-again-off-again status (oh and that whole Ariel-cheating-thing)—David and Donna were meant to be together. And, thankfully, fashionably classic in their choice of wedding day attire. Although, Donna did manage to sneak in a pearl-encrusted choker. All hail the 90s!


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