Attilio Brancaccio

Born in January 1977 in Catanzaro. Since childhood he was attracted by music and art. At the age of 14 he had his first real contact with the musical world when he began playing the bass and music became the guiding force of his teenage years. In 1996 he entered D.U.T.E.P at the University for Foreigners in Perugia and gained his diploma in Advertising and Communication.

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There he developed his professional interest in the visual arts, finding his personal artistic expression in computer graphics. However the growing demand for original pictures has drawn him with increasing awareness to the field of photography.

This subject fascinates him and provides him with most of the images he uses and it is in photography that he is able to express to the utmost his artistic creativity.

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In 2008 he moved to Amsterdam where he started working as freelance photographer and art director. for  creative agencies, magazines, international model agencies and private companies.

In 2011 he founded HOOP DOOP MAGAZINE  a creative platform for underground fashion, music and art shaped into a web magazine/blog.


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