The Army Debuts New Women-Friendlier Unisex Uniform! Thoughts?

“An overwhelming majority, 94 percent of all respondents, said that the cut of the new ACU-A allowed them to present a better military appearance,” said Major Laverne Stanley, the assistant product manager of soldier clothing and individual equipment.

For women in the military, it’s been a long time in the making, but just recently—along with the announcement that it would open all units and jobs to women by 2016—the U.S. Army debuted new women-friendlier unisex uniforms.

“The old uniform was meant to be one size fits five sizes; these are more tailored,” said Central Initial Issue Point project manager Trevor Whitworth. “When you’re low crawling or doing a lot of physical training, it’s nice to have a pair of trousers that have a little give-and-take to them. I think having made uniforms for a female body type will make a big difference for female soldiers.”


Some of the changes to the current silhouette include adjusting the cut to fit a woman’s chest, hips, and waist better; narrower shoulder width and narrower back; shortening the button-fly rise and back rise to better fit women; and repositioned knee and elbow patches.

The new Army Combat Uniforms are currently being issued to new soldiers going through Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma and will be available “at all installations—except Fort Benning in Columbus, Ga.,” according to CBS Atlanta. Available in 16 sizes, the new uniform was tested by 600 active-duty, National Guard, and Reserve women soldiers in 2011.

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