Ode to the Daytime Date + 3 Perfect Daytime Date Outfits to Consider

After a long hiatus, I’ve started dating again (my mom will be happy to hear this—hi mom!). And, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really fallen hard… for daytime dates.

Here are five reasons why, early on in a relationship, daytime dates rule:

1. You get to see your date in broad daylight – No skulking around by candlelight or disfigurements camouflaged in the shadows of a dark corner booth. No sir.
2. The benefits of sober clarity – Sure, you might have a boozy brunch here or there, but meeting at a local coffee bar or getting froyo and taking a walk in the park are also great first-date ideas. I don’t know about you, but if the guy is cute, I’m already a little nervous—for me, first impressions don’t need to be further clouded by a tequila-soda-lime (or two, ha ha).
3. Conversation – When it’s light out and you’re face to face with someone sans alcohol as a social-romantic lubricant, your date will probably have to think of something meaningful-ish to say, right? Meaningful-ish conversations are good, early on, trust me.
4. Less pressure to hook up – After a daytime date, you’re likely saying goodbye in broad daylight, with people going about their normal business all around you—a much less tempting scenario than middle-of-the-night end-of-dates, if you know what I mean.
5. And the most important reason of all why daytime dating is awesome? The adorable outfits!

Yes, ladies, daytime dates are the perfect occasions for breaking out that flirty Little Red Dress, those cute shorts, that killer pair of strappy sandals, and more! Here are my five favorite daytime date outfits ideas. Let me know what you think!

For an ice cream date in the park or a window-shopping walk downtown: This zip-shoulder crepe dress from Warehouse ($82) is a great Little Red Dress option for daytime—it’s not too clingy and feels breezy and summery. Pair it with either casual flats, like these “Tober” sandals from Aldo ($60), or neutral wedges for height—I like these “Milan” espadrille wedges from Coach ($178). As for accessories, definitely keep it to a minimum. Maybe a little delicate gold chain and bracelets, but don’t load up! I’ve also never been a big fan of schlepping a huge handbag on dates, so would recommend a small cross-body bag with this look—maybe Marc by Marc Jacobs’ “Rise of the Lamb” bag ($428), which is totally low-key and great for daytime.


For weekend brunch, lunch, or coffee: Breezy summer brunches definitely call for nautical stripes—they’re casual but polished and graphic and directional, all at the same time. Plus, guys seems to get stripes (which says a lot, considering most men don’t understand women’s fashion at all). For flirtiness, look for a striped dress that shows a little skin—like this Love brand stripe dress with a cutout back from ASOS ($65). Since stripes can be overwhelming, make sure to go with simple shoes—I love these Kurt Geiger “Match” T-strap sandals ($85), which are great for a post-brunch stroll, as well—and simple jewelry in gold or silver. I also like the idea of a colorful clutch, think: Tory Burch’s “Clay” foldover wristlet, $155 at Shopbop.com.


For a picnic or outdoor music festival date: Turns out, there is a time and place for denim cut-offs on first dates—like a romantic picnic in the park or an outdoor daytime concert. I’ve always been an American Eagle Outfitters denim shorts devotee—and their festival shorts ($25) are my favorite this year. Top it off with a cute and creative knotted fringe sleeveless top from Topshop ($64) and pair the whole look with a large tote bag—I love LL Bean’s ($25 + $8 for monogramming)—filled with all your picnicking needs, and wedges (these are the “Wylie” wedges, $119 at Madewell) or chunky heels, if you please (like these Jeffrey Campbell “Magic Heels,” $138 at Free People).



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