Everybody Can Be!

When we talk about Glamour we immediately think of beautiful women in long flowing dresses and magnificent jewels. But the concept of the word goes beyond the external.

Glamour origin word of Scottish defines what is really beautiful, seductive and everything that fascinates us. Although it has become popular in the 30’s and 50’s, because of the Hollywood stars, today is part of the fashion world.

A long time ago Marilyn Monroe stole the scene with her eccentricity and sensuality.

Almost at the same time, the beautiful Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis shined with her simplicity and elegance, but doesn’t mean ceased to be glamorous.b2

Two different examples can show that the Glamour depends on how we behave, whether in a gorgeous red gown blood Valentino or basic Calvin Klein jeans. We connect values but individuality and personality make all the difference. We all have our personal glamour, in an attitude, style or simply in the way we live our lives. Sooner or later the world will realize our brilliance.

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