The New Brazilian Lifestyle

In recent years, growth of income  and social inclusion provide  an increase in consumption and certainly benefited the sector of luxury . Brazil has ceased to be considered as third world country sought only for vacations.

Today with the economic growth this is increasingly changing .Many  international companies, especially in the fashion are investigating possibility for big business in Brazil.

 The consumer is more demanding and looking for quality and modernity. it is no wonder that the JK Iguatemi Shopping Center in São Paulo  has the largest mix of international brands and  most reputable brands in the national scene.


JK Shopping Center (São Paulo) – The biggest Mix of Brands

According to research, the Brazilian people today do not work just to survive. People now wants to dress better, be within the technological innovations and go beyond. With the highest purchasing power , new Brazilian consumers are in search of new sensations. Visiting new countries already is part of the new  brazilian lifestyle that makes cultural and social life busier.


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