Taylor Swift Believes There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In The World. Those Who Wear Keds With Socks And Those That Don’t…

I’ve always liked Taylor Swift (I Knew You Were Trouble is kind of my summer anthem) but I’m an even bigger fan now, after seeing the adorable outtakes from her new Keds campaign.

After talking about her obsession with Law & Order, she joked about where she falls in the socks vs. no socks look when wearing Keds. “I think there are really two kinds of people in the world,” she said, trying to maintain a straight face. “People who wear socks with Keds and people that don’t.”

She tried really hard to keep it together but her interviewer, fashion stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi, didn’t laugh, she lost it. “You’re like, ‘she’s insane!'” Taylor said.

Check out this video and if you want to skip ahead to the good stuff, start at the :45 second mark.

I hope we get to see more of this side of Taylor Swift, don’t you? I love a celeb that’s willing to make fun of themselves and not try to be taken so seriously all the time.

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